freshForex Telegram bot

Forex Telegram Bot provides an opportunity to increase the efficiency of Forex market trading. Using the Telegram bot online for trading, a trader receives another tool for fast information data processing and making trading decisions as quickly as possible.

A useful tool for beginners

Telegram is the fastest developing application. Its main advantages are:

  • •anonymity
  • •speed
  • •plainness and accessibility

Information data is the main and essential commodity for the traders. Some of the trading strategies rely on operations whose speed should be fractions of a second.To be able to use the Forex telegram bot, you do not need anything other than the standard Telegram application and account on this platform. When you subscribed to the channel, you can log in using a real Forex account or use the Demo account version.


Log in Telegram
Put FreshForexeasybot in the search field to trade on a live account or FreshForexeasydemobot to work on a demo account
Enjoy free trading!

Direct trading operation straightly from Telegram for South Africa

After an elementary authorization, trading orders can be closed-opened directly in the Forex Telegram Bot.

At the moment, you can make any currency operations.

As the service develops, the number of available operations will become even greater.

If take into account that the most relevant market information can be obtained directly from Telegram channels, then soon the Forex Telegram bot will become a complete replacement of all platforms for trading on the Forex market.

The Forex Telegram Bot reduces the time between updating price quotes and order execution, this gives an advantage over market participants using traditional tools for trading.